Restore the Appearance of Your Furniture

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You love your furniture. You use your furniture every day. Whether you're relaxing watching the big game on Sunday or taking a nap after a long day at work, you use your sofa, couch and chairs on a regular basis. Over time, dirt, crumbs and stains can put a damper on your furniture's appearance. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new furniture, why not refresh and clean what you already have?

Clean-Rite Services offers upholstery cleaning services in Tyler, Longview & Kilgore, TX area. We use specialty equipment to bring back the beauty of your furniture. Call today to schedule a time for your service.

3 reasons to clean your upholstery

3 reasons to clean your upholstery

Clean-Rite Services will use the appropriate techniques to clean your furniture based on your furniture's material. Our machinery will get rid of stains, dirt and odors without damaging the fabric. Don't worry-we'll also dive deep into the cracks of your furniture to reach places you've never cleaned before. Here are a few reasons why you should work with our upholstery cleaning team in Tyler, Texas:

  1. Saves Money, you won't have to replace furniture as often.
  2. Stain removal, you'll have a clean place for your family and guests to sit.
  3. It's healthier, we will get rid of allergens buried deep in furniture fibers.

The results will speak for themselves. Give your living room a much-needed boost with our upholstery cleaning services in Tyler, Longview & Kilgore, TX.