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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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Residents in the area know to call Clean-Rite Services when they want Tyler, Longview & Kilgore, TX Hardwood Floor Cleaning. We are a family owned business who prides itself in quality, personalized services and customer satisfaction.

Our hardwood floor cleaning services will leave your floors looking renewed and revitalized. We use environmentally friendly, or “green”, cleaning products and the newest technologies in the industry. Your hardwood floors will look fabulous with no streaks, residues, no footprints, and no bad odor. Not only will they look better, they will also be the foundation to a healthier home environment since embedded grime will be removed.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Periodic cleaning of your hardwood floors is important to keep your home and floors clean. But over time, your floors will accumulate dirt and stains which cannot be cleaned with a mop. Mops are good for surface dirt but mops are not effective for ground-in grime. In order to preserve your wood floors for years to come, you should have them professionally cleaned at least once per year; or more often if necessary.

Clean-Rite Services uses cleaning solutions, a vacuum, and a rotary brush to clean your floors so that dirt is extracted from the floor and then vacuumed away. The simultaneous brushing and vacuuming are important as it removes the dirt immediately and the dirt is not simply moved from one place to another. Once the majority of the floors has been cleaned, we will follow up with hand washing of hard to reach areas and stubborn stains.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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