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Your carpet can serve as a home and breeding ground for bugs, mold, allergens and germs. Add dirt and stains into the mix, and your carpet is nowhere near red-carpet ready. Don’t let your carpets harm the look of your home or the health of your family. Call Clean-Rite Services for carpet cleaning services in Tyler, Texas and the nearby Longview area. We can steam clean or dry clean your carpets and rugs. We also offer pet stain removal using state of the art enzymes that will make your pets mistakes disappear like they never happened. We can add a Teflon protective coating to keep spills and accidents contained and easier to get up. Call Clean-Rite Services of Tyler, Longview & Kilgore, TX today to schedule a time for your carpet cleaning services.

How does steam cleaning carpet work?

How does steam cleaning carpet work?

Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning method used to extract as much dirt and allergens as is possible from your carpet. Clean-Rite Services uses the latest carpet extraction technologies for cleaning your carpet. Our team will:

  • Pre-treat the carpet with specialized chemicals.
  • Treat the spots and traffic areas with special soil busters.
  • Scrub and steam clean the carpet with a rinse leaving it soft and fragrant.

After a few hours of dry time your carpet will look, feel and smell refreshed. With a deep down clean leaving it as clean as it can get.

How does dry cleaning carpet work?

How does dry cleaning carpet work?

Dry carpet cleaning is a faster way to clean carpets. Clean-Rite Services uses a low-moisture, low-chemical process for carpet cleaning. Our team will:

  • Pre-treat the carpet with encapsulating cleaning chemicals
  • Scrub the carpet to address spots, stains and odors
  • Vacuum the material out of your carpet

You won’t have to wait hours for your wet carpets to dry. Using the latest encapsulation chemicals your carpets are left clean and ready to use.

Do you need a team to clean your rug? We understand how much money you’ve spent on the elegant rug in your living room. We’ll use proper treatments to take special care of your rug and bring back the beautiful colors you saw when you first bought it. For carpet cleaning services in the Tyler & Longview, TX areas, call Clean-Rite Services today.